Traveling Companions

These are my traveling companions this trip.

GW_RIO 01-28

John Hartmann, my husband and companion for all creative adventures. He runs an exciting architecture firm in New York called Freecell, along with his partner Lauren Crahan, both of whom continue to help advise and support me on this project.

GW_RIO 01-29

Aron Nussbaum is my United States research assistant. While in college, he studied in Rio at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro as an exchange student. This experience transformed Aron. His love for the city and the culture in Rio has become a strong influence on how he thinks about architecture, landscape, and communities within his own work. Not only does Aron help with all the logistical components of the trips, he is also helping to collaborate more specifically on the community related aspects of the project, bringing another voice to the platform.

GW_RIO 01-30

Cassius Wolff Hartmann, 15 months old and has already visited a favela. Every morning we walk around in Ipanema where he loves to show us each and every manhole among the typical Portuguesas sidewalks.



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