Daryan Dornelles

GW_RIO 01-104b

My collaborating photographer! I am so excited to work with the incredibly talented Rio based photographer, Daryan Dornelles. His ability to bring out a very personal and often hidden side to his subjects is magic. I am greatly looking forward to our collaboration and working together to bring out the spirit of the floats through his […]

Studio X RIO

GW_RIO 01-40

We were invited by Raul Smith to an opening and talk by Juan Herreros and Mark Wigley at Columbia GSAPP’s Studio X in Praça Tiradentes. Mark gave an inspiring talk about what it means to be global, young, and an architect in today’s economy. By chance, we were joined by Vera Tangari (UFRJ) and Bruno Tenório […]

Centro Architecture

GW_RIO 01-36

Catedral Metropolitana de São Sebastião.Tower outside of the Catedral Metropolitana de São Sebastião.Petrobras headquarters in central Rio designed by Roberto Luís Gandolfi in 1972. 

Arranco do Engenho de Dentro

GW_RIO 01-87

Alex, Lourdes and Fernando took us to visit some of the poorer Samba Schools who now occupy the old hangars of the schools that have since moved to Cidade do Samba. Currently, Alex is the Carnavalesco, of Arranco do Engenho de Dentro, a 3rd class samba school. Arranco do Engenho de Dentro is now in the […]

Bruno Tenório

GW_RIO 01-99

Our meeting with Bruno was incredibly informative at an unexpectedly different level. The model that Unidos da Tijuca has created is wildly different than any of the other schools. This meeting opened my eyes to a much greater understanding of the economics behind Carnaval. I hope to continue a relationship with Tijuca as they represent […]

Roberta La Rovere

GW_RIO 01-84

Cafeina in Ipanema is the spot. Roberta is a freelance journalist who shared some really interesting thoughts about parallel structures of power between the government and the communities within Rio. She talked a lot about her interests in information and technology and the affects of these on the communities. It was really informative to hear her […]

Portela – Alexandre Louzada

GW_RIO 01-78

We were introduced to Alexandre Louzada, the creative director at Portela. Alexandre has worked creatively with Samba Schools since approximately 1985. He showed us all of the amazing costumes he has been working on with at least one other draftsman by his side. He also designed the floats for Portela, but again, no matter how many different […]