Portela – Alexandre Louzada

GW_RIO 01-78

We were introduced to Alexandre Louzada, the creative director at Portela. Alexandre has worked creatively with Samba Schools since approximately 1985. He showed us all of the amazing costumes he has been working on with at least one other draftsman by his side. He also designed the floats for Portela, but again, no matter how many different […]

Cesio Lima

GW_RIO 01-12

Our third meeting was with Cesio Lima, a renown lighting designer. He invited us to meet backstage while he finished setting up for a Preta Gil concert (daughter of Gilberto Gil). Cesio has spend over twenty years doing lighting designs for individual samba schools as well as the Sambadrome itself. He shared with us his collection […]

Marco Falconi

GW_RIO 01-52

Our second meeting was with Marco Falconi, the son of the vice president of one of the top samba schools, Portela. The great Falconi, showed us their entire facility in Cidade do Samba, which absolutely surpassed our expectations. We are so grateful for his time and generosity. photo by Aron Nussbaum

Helena Cassily

GW_RIO 01-10

Helena Cassily was our first meeting. Helena is a screenwriter and photographer who recently moved from Los Angeles to Rio, so I learned. At the time of our meeting, I wasn’t exactly sure who she was or how she could help. I had been connected to so many different people through so many different chains […]


GW_RIO 01-09a

It was the smell of the ocean as we walked along the wavy Burle Marx stone patterned boardwalk that brought about the realization that we were finally in Rio. We spent our first day just getting our bearings and exploring Ipanema. A friend of Aron’s mother, Vera Vauramo, an immigrant from Finland, helped connect us […]


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