Paula Autran – Globo


We are so excited to have editor Paula Autran from Globo a part of our team. Paula wrote the first article on our research and we are looking forward to a continued dialogue with her. See article here: Arquitetura temporária das alegorias vira objeto de estudo premiado

Blocos: Carnival of the Streets


Carnaval in Rio is not only about the floats, revelers party all day throughout the city streets in parties called Blocos. There were about ninety listed this year, with some of the most exciting ones starting at 6 am in Santa Teresa. We groggily sipped our coffee, while the locals drank beer. The Blocos don’t necessarily relate to the […]

Aron Nussbaum

GW_RIO 01-06

Aron Nussbaum is my United States research assistant who will be traveling with me and specifically helping to develop a relationship with the community aspects of the project. While in college, he studied in Rio at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro as an exchange student. This experience transformed Aron. His love for the city […]

Rubem Machado

GW_RIO 01-100

Rubem is a director at one of Rio’s oldest Samba Schools, Mangueira. His in-depth tour of his school’s community center was the first opportunity for us to understand the deep connections between the community and the parade. We are so grateful for his time and for inviting us into his community. Photo by Aron Nussbaum

Daryan Dornelles

GW_RIO 01-104b

My collaborating photographer! I am so excited to work with the incredibly talented Rio based photographer, Daryan Dornelles. His ability to bring out a very personal and often hidden side to his subjects is magic. I am greatly looking forward to our collaboration and working together to bring out the spirit of the floats through his […]

Bruno Tenório

GW_RIO 01-99

Our meeting with Bruno was incredibly informative at an unexpectedly different level. The model that Unidos da Tijuca has created is wildly different than any of the other schools. This meeting opened my eyes to a much greater understanding of the economics behind Carnaval. I hope to continue a relationship with Tijuca as they represent […]

Roberta La Rovere

GW_RIO 01-84

Cafeina in Ipanema is the spot. Roberta is a freelance journalist who shared some really interesting thoughts about parallel structures of power between the government and the communities within Rio. She talked a lot about her interests in information and technology and the affects of these on the communities. It was really informative to hear her […]

Vera Tangari

GW_RIO 01-21

Vera Tangari is a professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. We cannot thank her enough for her ongoing support of this project. Among the many projects Vera engages in, Vera is currently working on a very massive research project looking at “open spaces” and their effects on the urban environment.