GW_RIO 01-09a

It was the smell of the ocean as we walked along the wavy Burle Marx stone patterned boardwalk that brought about the realization that we were finally in Rio. We spent our first day just getting our bearings and exploring Ipanema. A friend of Aron’s mother, Vera Vauramo, an immigrant from Finland, helped connect us […]

Ipanema Market

GW_RIO 01-05

The local outdoor markets are always so telling about a city. Luckily, we arrived the day of the food market so we were able to stock up on some staples. There were several kinds of bananas at the market. After a few taste tests, I was convinced that bananas in the southern hemisphere were slightly […]

First Meal

GW_RIO 01-03

Flights from NY to RIO arrive in the morning. Once we dropped off our bags, we didn’t have to go more than a half block from our Ipanema apartment to get the most delicious coffee pastelles.