Aron Nussbaum

GW_RIO 01-06

Aron Nussbaum is my United States research assistant who will be traveling with me and specifically helping to develop a relationship with the community aspects of the project. While in college, he studied in Rio at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro as an exchange student. This experience transformed Aron. His love for the city […]

Roberta La Rovere

GW_RIO 01-84

Cafeina in Ipanema is the spot. Roberta is a freelance journalist who shared some really interesting thoughts about parallel structures of power between the government and the communities within Rio. She talked a lot about her interests in information and technology and the affects of these on the communities. It was really informative to hear her […]

Cidade do Samba

GW_RIO 01-49

First stop: Samba City. This is where the top Samba Schools make their floats. In Portuguese, floats are called Carro Alegórico, I love that. Samba City is a huge facility that has hangars for each school arranged in a C-shape around a central open area which is often used for various rehearsals. Although blurry, I […]