Staging Areas


To our surprise the beginning and ends of the parade were some of the most exciting moments where the carvalãos lifted people in and out of the air in boxes suspended by a single cable. The scene was that of a seemingly disorganized sport with a million rules that made no sense, and yet worked. As each float made […]

Portela Floats

GW_RIO 01-55

This is where the magic happens. In each hangar within Samba City, the construction of the floats go through a similar process which begins with a steel framed structure that is welded to a chassis, then clad with wood and then foam before the final colorful detailing. It was exciting to learn that each float […]

Cidade do Samba

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First stop: Samba City. This is where the top Samba Schools make their floats. In Portuguese, floats are called Carro Alegórico, I love that. Samba City is a huge facility that has hangars for each school arranged in a C-shape around a central open area which is often used for various rehearsals. Although blurry, I […]