Portela Costumes

The Sea of the Sea of the Saint Sebastian is Portela’s theme this year. The Sea of the Sea…so beautiful.

While the theme is the over arching idea, it is the story that unfolds and reveals itself through the details of the different components within the school.

The costumes were on the fourth or fifth floor of the hangar. We met with weavers, pattern makers, sculptors, and seamstresses and were able to begin to gain some understanding of the lineage of skills that were passed down through many generations of a family. The costumes seemed a little further along than the floats in terms of being able to see what the finished results will be.

I’m interested to understand how the costumes work not just individually, but as a whole down the Sambadrome during Carnaval. It’s fascinating to see that they are telling a story right down to the details of the beading and trim work. Yet, I wonder how much of this is seen at the scale of the Sambadrome?

GW_RIO 01-74 GW_RIO 01-72Eagle headdress.GW_RIO 01-75GW_RIO 01-67GW_RIO 01-70GW_RIO 01-68This is just the internal armature of a much more elaborate final costume. Beautiful unto itself.

Photos by Aron Nussbaum

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