Mapping the Carros Alegóricos Routes


I created this map to try and understand the route that the floats take to get from Cidade do Samba to Sambadromo. Depsite many conversations about this, I still think this map is wrong. But what it begins to show is how many of the streets become filled with floats leading up to, during, and after they parade.

Imagine this…GW_WPRIZE_RIO_BLOG_016On each night of the special school parade, six different schools parade from 9 pm to 6 am in one continuous flow. Each school takes up about one and a half to two lengths of the Sambadromo. As soon as the floats exit the Sambadromo, the line continues back to Cidade do Samba, forming one really long spaghetti path or series of noodles through the city.

Author: wolff

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