Cidade do Samba

GW_RIO 01-49

First stop: Samba City.

This is where the top Samba Schools make their floats. In Portuguese, floats are called Carro Alegórico, I love that.

Samba City is a huge facility that has hangars for each school arranged in a C-shape around a central open area which is often used for various rehearsals.

Although blurry, I love how the image above captures the incredible proximity within the city – the favela in the very near background with a fragment of one of last years’ floats. Perhaps there is something metaphorical about the blurriness.

GW_RIO 01-16

Another fragment of an old float sitting quietly in Samba City.

GW_RIO 01-15

There is a semi-private tented space within the central area of Samba City. Participants are awaiting a music reversal for one of the schools.

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