Paula Autran – Globo


We are so excited to have editor Paula Autran from Globo a part of our team. Paula wrote the first article on our research and we are looking forward to a continued dialogue with her. See article here: Arquitetura temporária das alegorias vira objeto de estudo premiado

Staging Areas


To our surprise the beginning and ends of the parade were some of the most exciting moments where the carvalãos lifted people in and out of the air in boxes suspended by a single cable. The scene was that of a seemingly disorganized sport with a million rules that made no sense, and yet worked. As each float made […]

Blocos: Carnival of the Streets


Carnaval in Rio is not only about the floats, revelers party all day throughout the city streets in parties called Blocos. There were about ninety listed this year, with some of the most exciting ones starting at 6 am in Santa Teresa. We groggily sipped our coffee, while the locals drank beer. The Blocos don’t necessarily relate to the […]