Arranco do Engenho de Dentro

Alex, Lourdes and Fernando took us to visit some of the poorer Samba Schools who now occupy the old hangars of the schools that have since moved to Cidade do Samba. Currently, Alex is the Carnavalesco, of Arranco do Engenho de Dentro, a 3rd class samba school.

GW_RIO 01-89Arranco do Engenho de Dentro is now in the old Mangueria hangar GW_RIO 01-93Fragments from top tier floats are given to the poorer schools.GW_RIO 01-92Seat and steering wheel on the chassis shows many years of use. GW_RIO 01-90GW_RIO 01-91Beautiful head dress gift from Alex. GW_RIO 01-97Appropriately, we concluded our meeting over an incredible meal accompanied by some powerful Caipirinha’s in the neighborhood of Jardim Botânico at the Cluba Naval overlooking the Lagoa and Cristo Redentor.GW_RIO 01-96Across the Lagoa is one of Oscar Niemeyer’s first buildings.GW_RIO 01-94John Hartmann (and Cassius), Alex Oliveira, Gia Wolff, Lourdes Luz, Fernando Saldanha,

Photos by Aron Nussbaum

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