Gia Wolff

Wheelwright Prize

gia at gmail dot com

PROJECT BRIEF: Research will focus on some of the world’s largest parade floats, floats that reach the size of multiple story buildings, with moveable animated parts, floats that are both sculpture and stage, a spectacle and a gathering point for a community. The research will center on floats at the Carnaval in Rio (Brazil) and also look at Goa (India), Nice (France), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain) and Viareggio (Italy) as a comparison. The focus will be on the parade float as a locus for a community, the social and technical aspects of float creation, and the interplay between the city street and the moving float.

COLLABORATORS: I am very grateful for the time, effort, and enthusiasm from my collaborators. Their individual insight continues to make the project all the more rich.

Aron Nussbaum – research assistant focusing on the community aspects of the project

Daryan Dornelles – Rio based photographer

Gabriela Folly – Rio based research assistant

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